• CRM Solution
  • A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) utility is a great way for you and your employees to organize and manage your customer and leads database online. Our customized web based CRM is directly compatible with all of the commercially available CRMs (Salesforce, Leads360, etc) and allows for full import from these commercially available systems into our own system. Available with unlimited user licenses, this easy to use utility will make you and your business much more effective and efficient.

    Our team of experienced web designers can even integrate lead and contact forms on your new or existing web site that when submitted are directly sent and added into our customized CRM system. Be notified instantly via email the second a new lead or form has been submitted via your site!

  • Our CRM Service
  • Astute business leaders know that selecting the right CRM system is only part of the equation for CRM success. With our CRM services, you get more than pre- and post-implementation support. We help you fit CRM into your business processes and technology environment, ensure your users are able to use the system effectively, and continue to assess and enhance your system over time, which means you can count on getting the full value from your CRM.

    Furious Geeks also offer a range of Pivotal CRM services designed to get your system up and running, to train your users and administrators, and to support your ongoing success. From helping large IT teams become technically self-sufficient to taking on the full hosting and management of your CRM system, we offer a continuum of services that fit your precise needs.

  • A Partner You Need to Ensure Your Success.
  • Furious Geeks provide the most flexible services and help. We offer you our service by drawing on extensive customer experience across diverse industries to identify CRM best practices and processes. As a result, you can trust our experts to guide you through the phases of an implementation and to help you make the right decisions about ongoing performance.
  • Experienced Professional

    Get the precise kind and level of assistance you need, whenever you need it. We offer a variety of services. Custom or packaged or predictable, cost-effective implementations and dedicated assistance throughout the life of your CRM use.

  • Complete Hosting

    Entrust the ongoing management of your CRM applications to us. We'll ensure your systems are available and secure, while you focus on the business functions that create your unique competitive edge.

  • Comprehensive Education

    Ensure the highest levels of user adoption with a broad range of training options. Choose from standard Web-based or instructor-led training, or customize training to produce the results you need.

  • World-Class Global Technical Support

    Enjoy access to expert support professionals and online resources to answer your technical queries accurately and reliably from anywhere in the world. We're dedicated to ensuring your success.